A Brief Rant Regarding Facebook Privacy

Throwing metaphorical rocks at Facebook for the privacy practices seems to be pretty popular these days.  Here is a link to a recent effort showcased at the Hack In the Box conference.  Yes, you can reverse engineer Facebook's social graph and stalk people.  Guess what, you can already stalk people on Facebook.  This is just a novel way to do so. Getting mad at Facebook for sharing the private data you publish on its service is like getting mad at Phillip-Morris for your lung cancer after smoking their cigarettes for 20 years.  In both cases, you had a choice and you decided to choose the riskier option.  Now you're dealing with the consequences you're upset that you made a bad decision.  You don't want to admit it's your fault.

Man up1 for crying out loud!  Own your decision and do something about it.  Whining isn't going to help at this point.

Just like we all know cigarettes cause cancer, we know that using social media will compromise our privacy.  It just chaps my hind end that people publish their data and are shocked when others have the audacity to read it.  Just to be clear, here is the definition of publish courtesy of Meriam-Webster:

pub·lish\ˈpə-blish\   transitive verb

1. To make generally known; to make public announcement of

2.  To disseminate to the public; to produce or release for distribution; specifically, to issue the work of (an author)

Brace yourself, but that definition implies you want the general public to hear what you have to say.  Quit lobbing rocks at Facebook and take some responsibility for your own privacy.

1"Man up" is not intended to be sexist.  If you happen to be a woman, I encourage to take similar pride in your gender.  Same goes for our friends out there whose gender identity is less clear cut.  Just grab what ever you have down there with both hands and show some courage and personal responsibility.  That's all I'm saying.