The Week That Was - 2013-05-13

I have a decent sized batch of links for you all this week.  As a warning, I'll occasionally wander out of the purely INFOSEC or risk realms.  There are a couple of those items thrown in this week.  It's important to look around at other subjects to give us perspective and insight.  Part of that extra perspective this week comes from a guest appearance by Superchunk (with some NSFW lyrics). But, I'll still focus mostly on the INFOSEC side of things.  For example, SQL Injection is still a favorite.  [1]  The bad guys like it because it works.  There's no sense in working harder when smarter gets you there faster.  Web application security continue to be an important block in the foundations of our security programs.

While web application security has been a part of our basic INFOSEC blocking and tackling for some time, mobile devices are quickly becoming another fundamental area we need to master.  This week had one notable development in the mobile department.  The U.S. Department of Defense has approved the Samsung KNOX platform for use in its networks on the Galaxy S4.  [25]  The KNOX platform sports containerization, encryption, and VPN support natively.  It's a brave new world, everyone.

And Big Brother is a part of that new world as evidenced by a few stories I found this week.  [5], [9], [12]  Apple is collecting too much personal information according to the German courts.  No more location-based advertising for Apple when dealing with German citizens.  Also, The Happiest Place on Earth, takes a step towards creepy.  Now you and your entire family get RFID chipped at Disney World so the Mouse can herd you to the rides and attractions with the shortest lines.  Oh, and develop a pretty detailed consumer profile of your entire family while they're at it.  Finally, India has instituted a system to collect and monitor all mobile phone traffic and Internet traffic in the interest of national defense.  Some days, a quiet compound in the middle of Montana doesn't sound so bad.

Finally this week I'd like to point out that me and my Generation X cohorts aren't nearly as screwed up as you all thought we'd turn out.  [16]  In fact, we're doing a pretty good job of staying educated and we even plan to move our of our parents' basement next month.    Superchunk can explain further (Lyrics NSFW):

Link Dump

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