The Week That Was - 4/15/2013

I've got one metric butt load of links for you this week.  There is a lot of good stuff but here are some of the highlights: Doctor Dan Colman, Winton Professor for the Public Understanding of Risk at Cambridge University, has shared a really interesting video on risk.  [1],[9]  His point is that sometimes it's riskier to avoid risk than to accept it.  He uses some good everyday examples to illustrate his point.  As an information security risk guy, it makes me reconsider if I consistently offer risk acceptance as a viable option when developing risk mitigation strategies.  How do you guys look at risk acceptance?

There is also an interesting article on the inner workings of Siri, Apple's natural language interface.  [26]  The interesting part is that most of the work is done server side.  Wouldn't it be interesting to compromise the server side and see what trends were in Siri voice commands?  What if you could compromise the server and modify the input it receives or the output it generates.  Lots of interesting implications with this model.  I suspect major governments have already thought about this.

The Harvard Business Review had an interesting article on data visualization.  [44]  I know we tend to mock the stereotypical executive that wants all of his updates in pictorial, dashboard form.  However, the stereotypes are there for a reason.  Execs like pictures and they like pictures because if done well the pictures communicate information in an extremely efficient manner.  As security professionals, we need to communicate our messages in the language of the target audience, which means we need to improve our data visualization skills.  Take a read of this article and then go break out your black beret and turtleneck and head to your local coffee shop to ponder the aesthetic beauty of security metric bar charts.

I have to admit that I've not been keeping up on the Bitcoin story, but I fixed that this week.  [4-6],[42]  If you find yourself in the position of explaining Bitcoin to someone, point them to the Bitcoin Explained video by Duncan Elms and Marc Fennell.  It's short, sweet, and to-the-point while communicating all the vital bits.  [4]


Here are a couple more highlights:

  • The Android OS space is *really* fragmented  [2]
  • Evidenced-based information security practice is good [8]
  • IO9, a SciFi site, suggests Bayes' Theorem can help you be a better thinker [22]
  • Windows XP is not dead yet [27]

As I said, there is a lot this week. Go poke around and see what I haven't mentioned.

Link Dump

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