The Week That Was - 3/10/2013

I am back.  Here are the items that caught my eye last week.  Here are some highlights. In a victory for the 4th Amendment, the U.S. 9th District Court ruled that willy-nilly searching of travelers' bags at border crossings is unconstitutional.  What is constitutional is conducting those searches with probable cause.  [3], [28]  In this case the same court ruled that if you have a record of sex offense and have password protected files on your laptop, the authorities have probable cause to search your laptop.  In this case it was warranted and the authorities found child pornography on the laptop.  Another interesting note is that they found the kiddie porn not by forcing the owner to disclose the password or by brute forcing the password.  They checked the slack space on the disk for the pictures.  Slack will get you every time.

Mike Rothman over at Securosis had an interesting piece on becoming CISO and is worth a read.  [5]  He also links to a Tripwire video from RSA 2013 asking people what they'd do as CISO.  I'm really curious if Tripwire cherry picked these folks or if it was representative of the opinions they received.  [29]  It looks like the video is currently unavailable.  It's worth checking in later to see if it's back up or not.

We'll wind up with Alex Hutton's widely quoted sound bite "Governance without metrics is just dogma."  [12]  Nothing like an inflammatory statement to get some attention.  But it's good attention.  We need to grow up as a profession and objectively measuring our performance is an important part of the maturation process.  I attended the session when he uttered this sound bite and it fit perfectly.  Measuring security is not impossible.  As a wise man told me, "You have more data than you expect and you need less data than you think."


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