The Week(s) that Was (Were) - 8/31/2012

It's been a tough couple of weeks, sports fans.  I've not been good about keeping up on INFOSEC current events and sharing them out with you.  Here is a backlog that has a big blind spot from last week.  Feel free to make any article suggestions I should include from the blind spot and I'll get them next week. There was a lot of talk about infrastructure in this batch. [12],[18],[22]  This is always a tricky subject to discuss. You want to discuss the weakness without drawing too much attention to them.  I think we all acknowledge there is much room for improvement in our infrastructure control network.  These are just the latest observations.

The potential attack vector on human brainwaves is a little unnerving, but you can probably find all of that on Facebook anyway. [7], [10]  And speaking of brainwaves, Mr. Jack Daniel has some interesting insight on how to market to us INFOSEC types.  [9]

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